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What are Smooth PDO Threads?

PDO (Polydioxanone) threading is a minimally invasive treatment that can help men and women in Bargersville, Franklin, and Columbus, IN lift, contour, and enhance their facial appearance without surgery. Smooth PDO threads from Dental Beauty Wellness Center is a cutting-edge facial rejuvenation treatment that uses state-of-the-art, medical-grade, absorbable threads to tighten the skin. Dr. Jon Hendrickson, Dr. Samantha Rahrig, and our excellent aesthetic team perform this treatment as a way to create smooth lines, tighten the skin, and create a more youthful appearance. For more information on smooth PDO threads and how you can rejuvenate your look, contact our Trafalgar, IN office today.

How Do Smooth PDO Threads Work?

Performed in one of our private treatment rooms, smooth PDO threading is a relatively quick procedure that provides stunning and natural-looking results with little-to-no downtime. Our team will insert these medical-grade and protein-based threads strategically into your skin so once pulled on, the threads will lift the skin, creating the taut, youthful look you desire. They will stimulate collagen production, which is a vital nutrient in keeping your skin firm and youthful-looking. In time, the threads will dissolve into your skin, leaving you with a lifted appearance. You may experience some redness and swelling, which may last a few days, but it will subside on its own. We will provide you at-home care instructions so you can get the best results from your smooth PDO threads. Many of our patients enjoy that results can last up to two years.

Smooth PDO Threads FAQ

Does getting smooth PDO threads hurt?

Most patients don’t experience much discomfort during a smooth PDO thread lift. We will apply an anesthetic to the treatment area to keep you comfortable during the procedure. Some people may experience a little redness, swelling, or soreness after the procedure, but this usually goes away after a couple of days.

How long does it take to get a smooth PDO thread lift?

It is very quick, with most procedures only taking about 30 - 45 minutes.

How soon do you see results from a smooth PDO thread lift?

Some patients may see minor results almost immediately after their procedure. However, typically you will start to see noticeable results in about 3 - 4 weeks as the skin repositions itself and the threads dissolve and begin to stimulate the formation of new collagen.

How long does a smooth PDO thread lift last?

Many patients can see their results from a smooth PDO thread lift last for about 18 months to two years or longer.

PDO Threading for A Smooth and Stunning Appearance

A number of women and men in and around Trafalgar, IN are looking for a way to provide a lifted, taut, contoured appearance to their face for a more youthful look, but don't wish to undergo surgery like a facelift. Smooth PDO threading at Dental Beauty Wellness is an effective solution with long-lasting results (up to two years). This minimally invasive technology not only provides results almost immediately, but it promotes collagen growth, which will help keep your skin firm and glowing. For more information on PDO threads and other aesthetic procedures we offer, contact Dr. Jon Hendrickson, Dr. Samantha Rahrig, and our skilled aesthetic team in Trafalgar, IN today.

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