Information About Dental Sleep Medicine Services

There are a number of nighttime dental issues that can affect both your quality of sleep and overall dental health. Sleep-related bruxism (teeth grinding) can wear down your teeth and cause tooth pain, jaw pain, headaches, and more. Sleep apnea can dramatically impact sleep quality causing fatigue, mental fog, and even putting you at a higher risk of other health problems. At Dental Beauty Wellness Center, Dr. Jon Hendrickson and Dr. Samantha Rahrig offer dental appliances to reduce sleep apnea and protect your teeth from nightly bruxism. If you're experiencing either of these nighttime dental issues, contact our office in Trafalgar, IN, today to learn more and schedule an appointment. Let us help you get the good, restful sleep you need while protecting your oral health with an effective, easy-to-use nighttime dental appliance.

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Sleep apnea can be treated with a dental appliance that gently pulls the jaw forward, keeping the airways open so air can flow properly.

Sleep-related bruxism is the process of grinding the teeth and clenching the jaws at night, but it can be addressed with custom night guards.

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