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What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder recognized by continued pauses in your breathing while you sleep. This is caused by muscles relaxing and gravity pulling your airways closed, causing suffocation. This brief suffocation creates excessive stress on the body, which can cause cardiovascular conditions such as mood change, weight gain, fatigue, hypertension, and memory loss. There are many sleep or snoring apnea solutions to help with this issue, ranging from airway surgeries like an adenoidectomy, maxillofacial surgery, tonsillectomy or a needing a CPAP machine. Sometimes people are not happy with these solutions, however. In such situations, they may turn to dental options to help resolve the issue. At Dental Beauty Wellness Center, we concentrate on producing custom-fit nighttime guards to help our sleep apnea patients in Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Franklin, IN. Doctors of dental surgery Dr. Jon Hendrickson and Dr. Samantha Rahrig are proud to provide this easy, comfortable, and dependable service to help you achieve better health and well-being. For more information on your options to alleviate your sleep apnea, contact our Trafalgar, IN office to schedule a consultation today.

What Should I Expect from Sleep Apnea Treatment?

Sleep apnea treatment by Dr. Hendrickson and Dr. Rahrig at Dental Beauty Wellness Center utilizes what is known as oral appliance therapy (OAT), which may be an extremely effective therapy for sleep apnea. This custom-made device fits in your mouth at night and gently pulls your jaw forward to keep your airway open. After a thorough evaluation of your tongue, teeth, airway, and jaw, we will work with you to select a sleep apnea device that is most suitable for your needs. We will then get impressions of your teeth so your dental appliance can be created. After your appliance has been made, we'll have you come in for a fitting. we will fit and adjust it to make it as comfortable as possible. We will also teach you how to clean, store, and maintain your appliance. You should always bring your appliance to future appointments so we can check the wear and tear of your device.

Breathe Easy and Sleep Well

If your breathing is interrupted numerous times during the night, it may be an indication you have sleep apnea. This can cause strain on your body and general health and should be addressed as soon as possible. There are a wide variety of treatment options for sleep apnea, including dental sleep apnea treatments. This treatment involves creating a nightly appliance that will keep your airway open while sleeping. This form of sleep apnea treatment is available at Dental Beauty Wellness. If you think you might be experiencing sleep apnea, then we encourage you to schedule a consultation with doctors of dental surgery Dr. Jon Hendrickson and Dr. Samantha Rahrig in Trafalgar, IN today.

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