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What Are Dental Cleanings?

Even if you have a perfect oral hygiene routine at home, it is still important for you to get twice-annual professional dental cleanings at Dental Beauty Wellness Center. Using advanced equipment, a bi-annual dental cleaning eliminates plaque and tartar while polishing your enamel for a healthier, brighter smile. After your cleaning, you can get tips on better home oral care and discover any areas that may need extra attention. A professional dental cleaning will give doctors of dental surgery Dr. Jon Hendrickson and Dr. Samantha Rahrig the opportunity to look for any areas of concern in your mouth that might need treatment. Getting a dental cleaning is a crucial step in keeping up your dental health, so make an appointment for yourself and your family at our Trafalgar, IN location today.

What Can I Expect from My Dental Cleanings?

A professional dental cleaning will start by using specialized tools to remove the tartar and plaque that have built up on your enamel, which can be challenging to remove at home with just daily brushing and flossing. In some cases, as we're performing this process, we may see signs that a patient may have developed periodontal (gum) infections or disease. In these instances, a deep cleaning may be necessary. If this is the case, we will perform scaling and root planing. During this extensive cleaning process, we may use local anesthesia or an alternative to help you remain comfortable. From there, we'll utilize advanced equipment to clear away plaque and buildup from the periodontal pockets below the gumline. This will help treat periodontal infections and heal your gums. Once we have completed either your regular or deep cleaning, your enamel will be polished to remove stains and strengthen the teeth. If requested or needed, a fluoride treatment will be done following your cleaning. During your appointment, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to develop a good at-home oral care routine.

Clean Teeth and A Beautiful Smile

Help keep your smile healthy with professional cleanings twice each year at Dental Beauty Wellness Center. Dr. Jon Hendrickson, Dr. Samantha Rahrig, and their team help both adults and children improve their oral and overall health with regular and deep cleanings to remove plaque and tartar, create strong healthy gums, and reduce stains. Twice annual dental cleanings and immediate attention to gum disease can help your teeth, overall health, and wallet. Contact our Trafalgar, IN office to schedule a cleaning for your whole family.

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