Laser Acne Treatment in Trafalgar, IN

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What is a Laser Acne Treatment?

As we grow up, acne continues to be one of the challenges that have an impact on the way we view ourselves. Severe acne can have an influence on self-esteem and the overall quality of our skin. Patients who live with acne normally have severe blemishes or inflamed cysts on their face, clavicle, lower back, shoulders, around their breasts or pectorals, and arms. It may dramatically affect your life, not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but from an emotional one, too. If you have used many medications, ointments, or moisturizers but nothing seems to work, acne laser treatment may be a great option for your acne. After a few consistent appointments, a lot of our Trafalgar, IN patients see immense improvements in their skin and are happy with the results. Dolly Vita Aesthetics is proud to offer nonsurgical laser solutions that help minimize active breakouts utilizing the Harmony XL PRO. Contact our team and request additional information about laser-assisted acne laser options. We’ll find an appointment that works well with your schedule.

laser acne treatment faq

How much does laser acne treatment cost?
The cost of laser-assisted acne treatment will vary by the quantity of procedures included in your personal treatment plan. Throughout the preparation stages, our technicians will examine the state of your skin and discuss the number of treatments you need to receive to reach your goals.

How is laser acne treatment done?
To carry out this treatment, a member of our staff will pick the Harmony XL PRO laser that is right for your complexion. We then use the laser to glide over your skin to target the wanted areas and address your pores, and eliminate any acne that's present.

How long will my results last?
Outcomes after laser acne treatment are different for each person. Given that laser acne treatment treats current blemishes, you might have to receive follow-up treatments as soon as your acne starts to flare up once again. This helps you maintain a consistent skin care regimen.

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