Laser Scar Treatment in Trafalgar, IN

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What is Laser Scar Treatment?

The Harmony XL PRO laser scar treatments at Dolly Vita Aesthetics in Trafalgar, IN help you achieve your aesthetic goals. It is a noninvasive therapy that uses heat to minimize the appearance of scars and return your skin back to its pre-scar look. This treatment helps with a singular scar and it can also assist with multiple. Regardless of the size of your scars or their location, the need for reduction is completely up to you. Contact our team and we’ll assess the area to decide if the laser scar therapy will work well for you. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

laser scar treatment faq

How many laser scar treatments are necessary?
The amount of laser scar treatments needed is as unique as the patient. Some people will need fewer than others. For most, only 4 – 6 laser scar treatments are needed before major results are seen. After your initial consultation with our team, we’ll craft a plan so you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of the procedure.

How soon can you perform laser scar treatment after an injury?
This is dependent on the type of injury the scar is from. For acne treatments, it is generally safe to start laser scar treatment after the acne breakout is controlled. For scars from a surgical procedure, it is generally safe to perform them a few weeks after stitches have been removed. Talk to our team to learn more about how soon scar removal can be performed.

Can laser scar treatment completely remove a scar?
Although no scar is able to be removed completely, the laser scar treatment used will significantly reduce the appearance of the scar.

Is laser scar treatment painful?
Pain depends on the patient. Some find the procedure to be painful, while others don’t. This sensation depends on the location of the scar, the depth, and your specific pain tolerance. Past patients have described it as having a rubber band snapped against their skin. However, your comfort is of utmost importance during your treatment. Talk to our team and we’ll find a way to make any pain manageable during your procedure.

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