Nail Fungus Treatment in Trafalgar, IN

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About Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

Changes in your fingernails and toenails like thickened texture and a whitish or yellow discolor could point to signs of a fungal nail infection. Our professionals at Dolly Vita Aesthetics, in Trafalgar, IN have the skills needed to diagnose and address nail fungus at the source. The laser nail fungus treatments with the Alma Harmony XL PRO kill fungus with short bursts of heat. If you’ve struggled with nail fungus and can’t get rid of it, this treatment could help. Contact our office today and schedule an appointment to get started.

laser nail fungus faq

How many treatments are necessary for laser nail fungus treatment?
While results can be seen after just one treatment, most patients will come in for three to four sessions before the fungus is completely removed. Each treatment is scheduled five to six weeks apart. This is to make sure that all fungi spores have been removed between each session.

Will my insurance cover laser nail fungus treatment?
Laser nail fungus treatment will likely not be covered by your insurance because it is considered an aesthetic procedure. However, the treatment provided by our practice is highly effective and will help to get rid of the nail fungus you’re experiencing.

What causes fungus to grow under the nails?
Fungus naturally develops in warm and damp environments. This environment causes fungus to naturally overpopulate. When this fungus finds its way under your toenail or fingernail, it multiplies and spreads. Yeast and mold can also find their water under the nail and cause infections.

What will happen if nail fungus is not properly treated?
You might have difficulty walking, exercising, and completing regular everyday tasks when your nail fungus is left untreated. When left untreated, your nails become fragile. When you notice a change in your fingernail or toenail, it is important to get treatment early.

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