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What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger point therapy at Dental Beauty Wellness Center is a safe and effective treatment for pain such as headaches, stiff neck, TMJ, knots in the muscles, and more. These areas are sensitive to touch and are referred to as trigger points. We utilize trigger point therapy to help release these knots and reduce any associated pain. The pressure and stretching applied during this treatment can help you feel rejuvenated and revitalized. Our aesthetic team, lead by Drs. Jon Hendrickson and Samantha Rahrig, encourages you to contact our Trafalgar, IN office to learn more about how trigger point therapy can help you find relief from aches and pains.

What Can I Expect from Trigger Point Therapy?

Before we begin your trigger point therapy, we will go over your concerns, points of pain, overall desires for your therapy, as well as medical and family history, and more. We will likely perform a physical exam, check your posture and range of motion, and more. From there, we can create your customized trigger point therapy treatment plan. Then we'll have you rest comfortably either in a treatment chair or bed, where one of our aesthetic technicians will apply pressure on related trigger points. We will then feel your muscles to find your particular trigger points. Then, we'll hold and apply pressure to the trigger point. You will likely feel relaxed and relief right after your session but it could take anywhere from 2 – 10 days to feel the full effects of your treatment. After your treatment, we may give you some instructions for things to change at home — your sleeping position, posture, exercises to help your trigger points, and more. Follow-up sessions will depend on your particular treatment plan and needs.

Trigger Point Therapy FAQ

How long does trigger point therapy take to work?

Most people see results and feel more refreshed, relaxed, and reinvigorated within about 2 – 10 days.

Are there any side effects to trigger point therapy?

Some patients may feel tired, sleepy, or sore after trigger point therapy. This is a result of lactic acid being released from the muscles. It typically goes away after 24 – 48 hours. Drinking plenty of water after your treatment session will help to flush the excess lactic acid from your body.

Does trigger point therapy hurt?

Trigger points, by their nature, are sensitive areas of the body. However, many patients describe trigger point therapy as a “good pain” or “relieving pain”. We can always modify your therapy to ensure you are comfortable during the entire session while still achieving great results.

Will I need more than one trigger point therapy session?

You can experience great results after only one session; however, many patients choose to have up to 2 – 3 sessions to achieve optimal results. During your consultation, we will create a personalized treatment plan to meet your goals.

Treat Yourself Well With Trigger Point Therapy

If you're suffering from headaches, stiff neck, or knots in your muscles, you may benefit from trigger point therapy at Dental Beauty Wellness. At our state-of-the-art facility, Drs. Jon Hendrickson and Samantha Rahrig offer this treatment to help our patients find relief by utilizing pressure and stretching techniques. For more information on how trigger point therapy can help you find relief, as well as help you feel revitalized and rejuvenated, give our Trafalgar, IN office a call to schedule a consultation.

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